happy easter!!!🐣
you are so beautifulllllll…to me
wow ok I love my bathroom window for every sunrise
hello sunrise 😘
I am kicking so much ass in poker right now omfg
my baby omfg

my boyfriend and I we’re suppose to play WoW together tonight but I had to do a lot of herb farming and he fell asleep before I could catch up and ugh. just wanted to go to Outlands.

he never cuddles with me like this 😢
thank you for not taking two hours to get here this time Dominos 🍕❤️
burger and milkshake and fries oh my!

my boyfriend just said “there’s no such thing as good bush” and omfg shut up??? he doesn’t care about my lack of care for shaving but he won’t eat me out unless I’ve cleaned up and omg stop being a puss and eat mine.

eyyyyyyyy sup
I love my city so much